GUI Testing of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Benefit from proven solutions from for automated testing of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with our mTs Testframework for TestComplete.

Do you use Microsoft Dynamics 365? Are you looking for an optimal solution to ensure that your graphical user interface contains the required functionalities? Then benefit from our proven mTs Testframework for TestComplete.

More and more frequently, we encounter customers who switch from an existing ERP system to Microsoft Dynamics 365. This brings new challenges in GUI testing.

GUI tests are intended to ensure that Microsoft Dynamics 365 contains the required functionality and complies with all specifications defined for an application. In addition, automated testing also includes checking the graphical design elements such as layout, text fields, lists, tables, check boxes, combo boxes and Fast Tabs.

With our mTs Testframework for TestComplete, you can benefit from proven solutions for the automated testing of Microsoft Dynamics 365, which we have already successfully implemented in many industries.

interact with complex GUI elements

In the following video, we show you how easy it is to interact with complex GUI elements by using our ready-made "Object Extensions" for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Have fun watching and imitate it!


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