Artificial intelligence in Test­automation

Use Artifical Intelligence with in testautomation.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already found its way into many areas of our everyday lives. In this article, we explore the question of the importance of AI in Testautomation at

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to any behaviour by a machine or system that normally requires human intelligence. In the simplest form of AI, computers are programmed to mimic human behaviour. Thanks to AI, for example, the first cars are driving without drivers and smart voice assistants fulfil almost every wish we have. AI technologies are also changing software development in Testautomation.

Innovative tool for future technological leaps

In classic Software Testing, test engineers spend a lot of time on manual processes. In Testautomation the updating of existing object identifiers when the UI changes requires a lot of time. In addition, applications are becoming more and more complex, which is why intelligent solutions are becoming increasingly important. is also interested in AI solutions. With TestComplete from SmartBear, we have an innovative tool to prepare our customers for future technological leaps. TestComplete has an intelligent add-on that detects errors at an early stage and thus guarantees improvement in the quality of your software tests. In addition, TestComplete automatically switches object recognition if application properties cannot be identified. In doing so, the AI uses other properties from the object under test. For example, the elements are searched for at text level or recognised based on coordinates in relation to a superordinate object. Subsequently, the test engineer has different user actions at his or her disposal (i.e., click, hover or touch). This can be very useful when testing charts, mainframes, PDF files or parts of SAP applications. TestComplete also has AI-supported optical character recognition (OCR), which can be used to navigate in charts, maps and images and check their content. Finally, it can also extract and validate data from PDF files. With the help of this AI solution from SmartBear, we can carry out tests faster, better and with more automation.

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