Testing XML Files efficiently and with high quality

Codeless testing of XML Files with mTs Test­framework TestComplete.

Do you generate XML files in your business process, or do you read values from an XML file to use them in a sub-process? Then you can easily test them with our mTs Testframework TestComplete and ensure the quality of your processes.

Standard methods with TestComplete

In TestComplete there are two options, the keyword-driven and the script-based approach, to interpret and check XML files. These are briefly presented below:

Keyword-driven testing

In keyword-driven testing, you can use XML checkpoints to verify whether elements and corresponding values are present in the XML document.


  • Codeless, which means programming knowledge is not necessary


  • Reading out data for later use is not possible
  • No indirect check whether the XML file exists, which means that a smooth running of the test-cases cannot be guaranteed

Script-based test automation

With the script-based approach, you can parse the XML file, whereupon elements and corresponding values can be verified. Alternatively, you can read or modify values from the XML file.


  • High flexibility through direct access to the XML DOM object
  • Data can be read out for later use
  • Modification of data is possible


  • Code-based, which means programming knowledge is required


With both approaches, it is important to note that the system does not automatically check whether the corresponding XML file exists.
In addition to these two approaches, the most advantageous way to check XML files is with our mTs Testframework TestComplete.

Your added value by using mts Testframework TestComplete

With the mTs Testframework TestComplete, you get ready-to-use test steps for interaction with XML files. You benefit from the following advantages:

  • It's codeless, which means you do not need any programming knowledge
  • Data can be read out for later use
  • Modification of data is possible

In addition to these advantages, the system always checks in advance whether the XML file is available. If not, the system waits with a defined timeout until the XML file is created. The document is only parsed if this condition is met. As a result, our test steps facilitate the interaction and testing of the XML files, which ensures the quality of your software.

Read and check XML files

In the following video we show you how easy it is to read and test XML files with our mTs Testframework TestComplete. Enjoy watching and recreating XML tests yourself.

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